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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Brocade vdx6740 and Dell Equallogic PS6210 ?!

Hi hall,


I'm in the process of deploying a SAN using a Dell Equallogic PS6210 and 3 servers vmware. They are all going to be interconnected using 1 brocade vdx6740.


I wanna know what it is the best possible way to setup  VDX6740. All the equipment is connected to the switch using 2 10GB ethernet cables.


We already created an area to iscsi network but at the moment  we hane an error flow control, I think i need to use DCB support with priority-group-table or without DCB support.


What is the best way to configure my switch to get the best performances. the switch will be handling iSCSI traffic along with regular traffic.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Brocade vdx6740 and Dell Equallogic PS6210 ?!

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The switch configuration is located here:, just select the switch link (the purple button with SCG's on it), and you should see the vdx6740 on the next page


Also, ensure you read and follow the best practices guide for configuring you ESXi's.  This will ensure you have the proper settings in place for performance and reliability.  The document is titled: TR1075-Configure-iSCSI-Connectivity-with-VMware-vSphere-5.pdf

and this is the direct link:


Finally, the DellTechCenter has a configuration portal that might have additional information you will find interesting.







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