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Brocade vdx 6720 and emulex OCe11102-F

Dear Brocade community,

Is anyone using emulex cards OCe11102-F FCoE or copper to connect on a 10gb port on a brocade switch vdx 6720 ?

It seem that brocade only accepts brocade hardware at this point of time I'm pretty frustrated with the compatibility

of this switch, can we use third parties sfp+ brands ?? or only brocade will work with this switch ?

Is anyone out there using a combination of sfp+, cables and emulex cards with this switch ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Brocade vdx 6720 and emulex OCe11102-F


     I have used TWINAX SFP+ cables of another brand on the VDX for testing before and that worked for connecting to servers.  Though I could not use the same cable to from an ISL.

Hope that helps some.



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Re: Brocade vdx 6720 and emulex OCe11102-F

You can use any Finisar or Avago 10G SFP's on the VDX6720 . I currently use the Finisar 57-0000075-01 SFP to connect my Emulex cards to the VDX6720.

I hope this helps.



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