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Brocade VDX 6720 Launches Ethernet Fabrics - Industry Commentary

Well, yesterday's announcement of the Brocade VDX 6720 Data Center Switch family was widely covered.  Here is a list of world-wide reviews and commentary.

1.  Network World (John Dix): Brocade CEO says Ethernet fabrics will undermine Cisco's dominance

2.  eWeek (Fahmida Y. Rashid): Brocade Cloud-Optimized Ethernet Switches Designed to Flatten Networks

3.  ComputerWorld, InfoWorld & ITWorld Canada (Lucas Mearian): Brocade's new Ethernet switches reduce network complexity, cost

4.  Silicon Angle (Maria D): Brocade Introduces Ethernet Fabric Solutions

5.  LightReading (Craig Matsumoto): Brocade Flattens Out

6.  Comms Express: Brocade launches Ethernet switches - Network Accessories

7.  CRN (Chad Berndtson): Brocade Eyes Flatter Network With New 10 GbE Switches

8.  Enterprise Storage Forum (Kevin Komiega): Brocade Moves FCoE Beyond Top-of-Rack

9.  eWeek Europe (Tom Jowitt): Brocade And Juniper Show Off Faster Fabrics

10. Network Computing (Mike Fratto): Brocade First To Market With Native End-to-End FCoE

11. ZDNet (Jack Clark): Brocade releases new family of switches

12. Network World & Computerworld (Jim Duffy): Brocade data center switches take on Cisco, Juniper

13. Computer Technology Review: Brocade unveils Ethernet Fabric solutions to enable virtualized data centers and cloud-optimized networks

14. The Register & Channel Register (Chris Mellor): Brocade: Vertically integrated IT stacks are dying

15. The Register (Chris Mellor): Brocade delivers 10gig FCoE switching

16. MIS Asia (Wang Daqiang): Brocade VDX 6720 Data Center Switches Launched, Already Shipping

17. DataCenterDynamics (Yevgeniy Sverdlik): Brocade launches switches to enable flat network fabrics

18. CIO & Techworld Australia (Rodney Gedda): Brocade releases virtual data centre switches

There is also an Ethernet fabric site with content, tweets and articles about Ethernet fabrics, cloud computing and virtual data centers.

----->   You have to watch the "We Need A Cloud" video ... LOL funny.

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