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Brocade 8000 CEE Queue Count

I am trying to connect a Brocade 8000 FCoE switch to a HP Procurve 6120XG blade switch for FCoE.  The Procurve supports CEE, however I'm having issues with the CEE QoS queue configuration.  I can get the 8000 to communicate with the 6120 only if I configure both sides to use 8 QoS queues.  However, my CNAs won't communicate with the 6120 unless I configure the 6120 for 2 queues.  With the 6120 in 2 queue mode the two switched fail to negotiate CEE, with the 6120 reporting a mismatch in the number of "traffic classes."  This is despite having configured the cee map in the 8000 to only use 2 queues.  I am unable to configure the 6120's queue counts on a per-port basis.

Log snippets are attached, this forum will not let me paste.

I believe the 8000 is advertising itself as a 8 queue device, insted of 2 queues which it is configured for.  Is this setting tunable?  Is there a way to make the 8000 report itself as a 2-queue CEE device?  (On the 6120 the command is "qos queue-config 2-queues" but I can't seem to find a comparable command in the Brocade.)

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