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Brocade 1020 CNA+SANBOOT


  Recently,I encountered the below problems when use 1020 cna+ibm x3690 x5+sanboot+rhel6 :

  1,If set brocade CNA port bios disable I could install OS on san lun,but couldn't bootup when set bios enable.
  2,If set brocade CNA port bios enable,I couldn't install OS(rhel5.5/6,rhel6) on san lun.

I also tried rhel5,the problems still exist.I need you help !!!!Many thanks.

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Re: Brocade 1020 CNA+SANBOOT

Maybe,I forgot something.

1,The backend storage I tried IBM SVC and XIV ,

2,Also tried CNA BIOS version and use brocade dud (brocade_fc_adapter_rhel6_x86_64_dud_v3-0-0-0.iso, 3.6 MB) .

But all these didn't  work.


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