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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Best practice concerning fabrics


First off, let me say thank you for looking at this post and go ahead and admit that I'm very new to Brocade, and the fabrics as well. Anyway, I've got a fairly big redesign coming up that I think is going to be straightforward but I'm unsure of some key pieces of it, and I'm hoping I'm not misunderstanding things in my mind and making myself look ridiculous in front of my colleagues. So we are using two 6720 60 port VDX's in a fabric mode as our new aggregation points for the data center, I suppose that would fall under the distribution layer. In our current architecture, we have two Super X's sitting as our current vrrp-e gateways for several VLAN's. These VLAN's are currently unsecured by our firewalls and are being routed by said Super X's using OSPF. No big deal. The routing comes off for some VLAN's and stays for some, creating sort a mixed routing environment. The routing will be moving up to some SRX firewalls to be handled there. These firewalls lie on the front side of the fabric, while the current router resides behind the fabric and is trunked through the fabric. My first major concern is how Spanning Tree will be affected by this change. I know the lower hanging access switches will have a higher priority on all the VLANs to ensure they don't become the root bridge. Do the Super X's become the root bridges in that case, and should we set the priority lower on one, or will it matter since they are running VRRP-e? The plan is to take the LAGs that are going to the Super X's and unplug and move to the VDX's. But my thoughts are that spanning tree will still send stuff to the Super X's, essentially creating a bounce in the network pushing the packets into the fabric from the access switches, out to the super X's, then out to the firewall. Does this sound right to you guys, or is there something incorrect in my thinking? My manager is thinking if we adjust priority on the Super X's, then everything will be okay, I'm just not convinced...

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