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8470 won't learn MAC

We are building a datacenter with IBM H22 blades with Brocade 8470 switch modules.  We are only using them for Ethernet not FCOE.  The servers have the Brocade 1007 CNA’s and are running driver version in Windows 2008 R2.

We have been running into an issue with our servers as they would lose connectivity with the network.

We think we narrowed it down to an ARP issue.

It seems that he 8470 DOES NOT  want learn the MAC of the server’s that are connected to it on the internal interfaces.   If we look in the mac-address-table we will not see the server mac and that server cannot communicate to with the network.

If we add in a static entry on the 8470 the server still cannot communicate.

If we reload the 8470 all of the mac addresses will appear in the mac table and the server can then communicate.

Thanks in Advance for any guidance.


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Re: 8470 won't learn MAC


Do you have a solution ? Unfortunately, I have the same problem.

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