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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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8000 Factory Reset / Password Reset

Trying to get my pair of new demo 8000 units from brocade up and working with on IP for managment.

Serial TTY:

swd77 console login: admin
2010/05/24-17:12:01, , 17, FID 128, INFO, swd77, Security violation: Login failure attempt via SERIAL.
Login incorrect

Tried all the usual:

Username: "admin"

Password: "password" "admin" "Passw0rd" "brocade" etc.....  but no login.

I assume this means that these switches were once configured due to switch name "swd77"

I did some googling and found a few manuals on the 8000s but nothing about factory defaulting / resetting the factory password.

Any direction on for some RTFM to reset the switch back to default / or reset the password?

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Re: 8000 Factory Reset / Password Reset

swd77 is the default chassis/ switch-name in all Brocade Switches.

try as root, pw= fibranne

if the root account was not changed and you have a succesfully login, try the command "passwddefault"

if no, ask brocade for password or you need to reset with the password recovery procedure.

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Re: 8000 Factory Reset / Password Reset

You are correct.

I googled and saw that password with association to brocade factory default.... but did not try permutation of 'root'  with password of 'fibranne"


Now all I have to do is figure out FCOE with IBM POWER

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Re: 8000 Factory Reset / Password Reset

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