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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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6720 Fan Speeds

What are normal fan speeds for the 6720? I upgraded my NMS and it started alarming on the fan speeds. Just wanted to see what they were supposed to be before I reached out to them. Google didn't help.

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Re: 6720 Fan Speeds

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Re: 6720 Fan Speeds



The desired fan speed ranges for 6720-24 and 6720-60 are defined as follows:

FAN_RPM_LOW = 1000

VDX6720 -24:
FAN_RPM_LOW = 3100


As long as the Fan RPM falls within the ranges above, Fan Status will show as "OK" under "show environment fan".


Other Fan status can be found below


absent: Fan is not present.

below minimum: Fan is present but rotating too slowly or stopped.

above maximum: Fan is rotating too quickly.

unknown: Unknown fan unit installed.

faulty: Fan has exceeded hardware tolerance and has stopped. In this case, the

last known fan speed is displayed.


Hope this helps addressing your concern.





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