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1020 CNA's -> Nexus 5020 wont boot from SAN.

Hi FCoE community,

I have a problem that has hopefully already been solved by someone out there.

I have a Brocade 1020 dual port CNA (Firmware v2.1.0.2) cabled to a Cisco Nexus 5020 (Firmware v.4.1.3.N1.1.)

At boot time I cannot manage to get the ports on the CNA to bring up the Nexus ports, so there is no access to its boot LUN.

However when I boot using the Brocade live_cd_v2-1-0-2.iso I am not only able to bring the Nexus ports live but also access the attached storage.

To bring the ports live I must shut/ no shut on the Nexus, which is not really adequate and I'm looking for a solution to this also.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: 1020 CNA's -> Nexus 5020 wont boot from SAN.

--->>> However when I boot using the Brocade live_cd_v2-1-0-2.iso.....

The LiveCD provide only for alternate method of Update the Firmware/BootCode and not from Booting from a SAN.

I'm not 100% sure, but i think your must upgrade the Firmware with Boot Option.

Please check for another BootCode / FW Release.

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Re: 1020 CNA's -> Nexus 5020 wont boot from SAN.

Thanks so much for you reply, but the firmwares are up-to-date.
On your suggestion I did double check the live_cd release revisions and it was a good suggestion as there is now a live_cd_v2-2-0-1.iso up from the live_cd_v2-1-0-2.iso I was using.
However, the boot code/ firmware revisions on both live_cd releases is the same, namely v2.1.0.2.
I flashed the CNA firmware again, just to be sure using the "bcu boot --upload brocade_adapter_boot_fw_v2-1-0-2 -a" command and then rebooted. The boot code on the CNA's stayed at FCHBA2.1.0.2 as expected.
In my earlier post I mentioned my success accessing the storage assigned to this server using the live_cd only to show that the CNA's are working and that the Nexus switch configuration and zoning is correct.
The Interoperability guide I have in front of me specifies that the CNA's and the Nexus 5000 series are certified for use. The Nexus 5020 firmware is at the latest v4 release version 4.2(1)N2(1a).
So to restate it, my problem is simply that during the boot phase of the Brocade 1020 CNA there appears to be no attempt by the CNA to bring its ports live or if there is the Nexus is ignoring it. When booting from the live_cd I must do a shut/ no shut on the Nexus to bring the port live.
So obviously, no live ports means no possibility of boot from SAN and no boot from SAN means our convergence experiment has failed.
I just can't get the ports to come live at boot time!
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Re: 1020 CNA's -> Nexus 5020 wont boot from SAN.

Sad news. The 1020's, or at least the 1020's distributed by IBM for their System X servers as part number 2C1820 suffer a known problem when using the Brocade Copper cables with the Nexus 5010 and 5020 models.

"When using the Brocade 10 Gb CNA for IBM System x, Option 42C1820, Field Replaceable Unit (replacement part number) 42C1822, using the Brocade active SFP+ copper cable:

If the cable is disconnected and reconnected to a Cisco Nexus 5000 series (Cisco Nexus 5010 or 5020), the link does not come back up on its own."


Use the Brocade 10 Gb SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver, part number 49Y4216 replacement part number 42C1819."

"Addtional Informaiton

IBM has not certified the Brocade CNA on the Cisco Nexus 5000 series. Brocade has done some level of certification. The Brocade SFP+ active copper cable has this issue. The optical solution with optical SFP+ does not have this issue."

Apparently competition in the market place is a good thing some old fool told me once...

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Re: 1020 CNA's -> Nexus 5020 wont boot from SAN.

Hi mgreville,

This issue has been corrected in the 2.3 version of the driver.



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