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SuperComputing 2014: Use Case Presentations from Research Institutions and Demos in Brocade Booth

If you are going to be in New Orleans next week for SuperComputing 2014, make sure to come by the Brocade booth (#2145).  

Each day we will have Research Institutions give short Tech talks on what they are up to in the Research Networking space.  There will also be time for Q&A with each of these Institutions.  See the list of presenters and a quick write-up of what they will be covering.


We will also have a few relevant demos for the audience as well.  So come on by and listen to what your peers are doing and then see some of the latest and greatest tools in action.


Research Institutions Presenations


CalTech: Provide an overview on now CalTech-lead group of universities have designed a Terabit/sec. infrastructure (using OpenDayLight Controller) to manage consistent delivery of petabytes of scientific data between researchers across the world.


Ciena: Deliver an overview of the Brocade-Ciena Solution leverages Brocade’s Application Resource Broker (ARB) to automate resources between data centers and Ciena’s V-WAN to control network transport. The joint solution enables data centers to dynamically change and control network topology and computing resources in seconds in any location(s).


Lenovo: Lenovo will discuss how they are delivering greater HPC scale with their NeXtScale and Linux Containers for application management and Lustre filesystem


Indiana University (GlobalNOC):  Deliver an overview of SciPass. SciPass is an OpenFlow based implementation of Science DMZ architecture capable of operating at 100Gbps with integrated active security features and adaptive resource management.

Internet2:  Will provide an overview on the recently announced “FlowSpace Firewall” now in production on the Internet2 infrastructure.  FlowSpace Firewall enables OpenFlow capabilities to be partitioned and protected across nearly forty 100G-attached access nodes across the US.


NERSC: Join NERSC for an overview and discussion about their requirements for a Science DMZ, their implementation using brocade MLXe and VDX, and designs options they are looking toward for the future.


Penn State University:  Will present an overview on Performance Driven SDN using sFlow and Hybrid OpenFlow for Large Research Data Flows on MLX routers and VDX switches for massive data flows being exchanged by researchers. 


Brocade Demos


Brocade Vyatta Controller - Realize the power of Brocade’s OpenDaylight-based Vyatta Controller by deploying applications that put your policies into action.  Brocade’s Traffic Management App takes traffic control actions based on measure flows and policies set by the user.  The Path Explorer Application will allow the user to modify flows using an intuitive GUI


Ensuring Data Privacy without Compromising Network Performance: Provides hardware-based encryption with inline ports, helping to ensure data privacy without compromising performance or requiring complex  deployments. Leverages Suite B cryptographic algorithms, one of the industry’s most stringent standards for network data encryption. Readily encrypts dynamic voice, video, and data traffic with deep buffer.


Object based storage for HPC compute on lossless Ethernet combining the best of Lustre and ZFS.

Demonstrated in partnership with WARP Mechanics, an unprecedented HPC object based storage solution combining Lustre’s horizontal scalability and performance with the vertical scalability of ZFS and integrity protection at large scale on lossless Brocade Ethernet 


See you in the BIG EASY!

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