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Making Sense of SDN in Higher Ed

There is a lot of discussion going on around Software Defined Networking right now.  A lot of new terms and technology to get your head around too, like:  OpenFlow, Network Function Virtualization and Software Overlay Tunnel Technologies.  To complicate matters more, one technologist's definition of SDN may be different than the next. 


In Higher Ed, the most prevalent deployment of Software Defined Networking has been the implmentation of OpenFlow technology through OpenSource Controllers and OpenFlow-enabled Switches and Routers, such as Brocade's MlXe Routing platform.  This week at the Open Networking Summit (ONS), Brocade announced for support for OpenFlow 1.3.  You can find the press release HERE that describes some of the benefits of OpenFlow 1.3.


To see how Higher Ed institutions have been using OpenFlow to improve collaboration among researchers, improve network performance and deliver more network-based services to users, go check out THIS PAPER that gives real world testimonials from a number of US-based Higher Ed Institutions that have deployed Software Defined Networks.

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