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Higher ED SDN Seminar Series Upcoming Dates/Locations

Brocade and Aruba are sponsoring a Seminar Series around Software Defined Networking and Use Cases within Higher Ed.


The seminars are hosted at University Campuses and attendance is open to Higher Ed colleagues in the Networking and Research areas.  The seminar is not a product/sales/marketing pitch, but rather an update on the state of the SDN movement within  the networking industry and specifically Higher Ed space.  During the seminar, we cover Higher Ed Use Cases and have a couple short implementation demos relevant to Higher Ed.  The content is delivered by experts in the industry, helping to shape the future of networking.


The next few dates/locations are the following:


May 28th, University of Pennsylvania

May 29th, UCLA

June 4th, University of Chicago


The seminar is free, runs from 10am - 4pm at each date/location and includes lunch/refreshments.  You can register and get logistics information here:


If you have questions or would like to have your University considered for hosting a future seminar.  Please shoot me a note at:




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