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E-rate Reform Proposal from Funds for Learning

As we have discussed here before on the Brocade K-12 Education Community Page, the telecommunications services demands from schools and libraries have outstripped the pool of money available in the program.  The demand in telecommunications services (Priority One Service) has left almost no funding left over for Internal Connections (networking equipment) and maintenance of that equipment for almost 3 years.  The graphic below (hat tip to Funds for Learning) depicts the increase in demand versus the available pool.


Many of the school districts that relied on e-rate funding to assist with networking upgrades, have not been able to move ahead with needed upgrades to implement BYOD and digital learning intitiatives for the past three years.  Reform of the E-rate program is needed before our students fall further behind in the adaptation of technology to enhance learning.

"Funds for Learning" has provided a proposal to the FCC to get the conversation moving.  You can find the proposal here.  I encourage you to read the proposal and provide your comments and support if you agree with the proposal.

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