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EMEA Innovation Centre

The art of merging data centres

by Chiara.Capacchione on ‎08-22-2013 06:59 AM (1,409 Views)

Earlier on this week, we hosted a briefing for two visitors who are planning to merge their data centres to form one large infrastructure.

Henrik Skjoldlund from Boligkontoret Denmark and Michael Meng from Boligforeningen 3B were invited to the Innovation Centre by Kim Sneftrup from our Danish partner, Klestrup.

Danish Briefing with Klestrup Partner 19.08.2013.jpg

As you might imagine, the briefing was of a highly technical nature.

Demonstrations of VDX and BNA solutions were welcomed by our visitors, as was the overview of VCS fabric technology, delivered by Senior Engineer Steve Manzanero.

I’m pleased to report that Henrik and Michael found the day very useful.

In fact, they joked that they’d be back next week!

The Innovation Centre is perfect for meetings like these and it was wonderful to receive guests from Denmark.

Our next event presents an ideal opportunity to visit the Innovation Centre with your customers. The On Demand Data Centre workshop is on 1st October. Learn more and register here