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EMEA Innovation Centre

The Era of SDN

by Kemi Olaofe on ‎09-29-2014 08:41 AM (2,385 Views)

Ready for the incredible growth in bandwidth-intensive applications? The ever-increasing need for scalability, and resilience?  The urgent demand for greater agility and higher performance at lower cost?  Traditional hierarchical networks are already buckling under the strain, so if you are not ready for Software Defined Networking… you should be.


It’s time to start viewing the Data Centre network differently, and challenging status quo thinking. Last week at the Brocade EIC our experts demonstrated exactly this to a select group of like-minded peers in an exclusive workshop. They were also the first customers globally to learn about Brocade’s Vyatta Contoller.


Check out this video Brocade’s CMO, Christine Heckart to understand why Brocade Vyatta Contoller is the SDN platform for self-service innovation.


So, now you can see what the EIC is doing for other customers, why don’t you join them?
We look forward to welcoming you soon.