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Test Engineer Journal: Cisco Nexus vPC Interoperability with Brocade VCS Fabric vLAG

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Synopsis:Test Engineer's Journal for validation of Cisco Nexus vPC Interoperability with Brocade VDX Switches in a Brocade VCS Fabric with vLAG. Also see the Validation Test report for more details.




This Test Engineer Journal documents test procedures and results for interoperability tests of Cisco Nexus 7000 Switches with NX-OS 6.x configured with the Cisco vPC feature, and the Brocade VCS Fabric vLAG feature in Brocade Network OS (NOS) 3.x. See the References below for the Validation Test report and a companion Test Engineer Journal covering Cisco Nexus vPC interoperability with Brocade VDX Switches Port Channel feature.


VDX switches can be deployed in a Brocade VCS Fabric. These tests include Cisco vPC connected to a VCS Fabric using the vLAG feature. Both vLAG and vPC provide switch resiliency in a network so traffic continues to be forwarded when a switch in a vPC cluster or vLAG go off-line.


Brocade’s vLAG and Cisco’s vPC are commonly used in datacenter networks when customers want to integrate the efficiency of Brocade VCS Fabric to collapse the aggregation and access layers into a more efficient Edge without disrupting the Core Cisco switch configuration.





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