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How To: Install TE Cable Management Products

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This journal page is written in real-time as the Strategic Solutions Lab (SSL) engineers take on the task of cabling our Data Center 1 lab environment. As part of our mission, SSL works with industry partners to demonstrate real world solutions.  In conjunction with our cable partner Tyco Electronics (TE), we are implementing Data Center 1 to demonstrate state of the art cable and device management solutions from TE. You will see and read about how we do this in stages, starting from an empty rack and ending with all port cards and Inter-chassis link (ICL) ports cabled into the environment.  The engineers talk about the easy way, the hard way and how to avoid some gotchas to help you get this done the right way.


Day 1

Completed stripping out legacy cabling and power drops.  Rack plan is in place and ready for build out.  We are recording our progress with a time lapse video we can share later.




  • The SAM cable management system reduces our Fiber cable clutter at the front of rack by a factor of 8.
  • A 64 port blade is reduced to 8 connectors in the 2U SAM chassis.
  • A single SAM chassis can accommodate up to 768 ports of SAN fiber traffic in 2U.

As one of our engineers explained, "The SAM is a clean way to manage our fiber cables and enable us to patch anywhere in our lab."


Day 2

Installed gear in second rack - rack ID 1V02F in the "Elevations" document.



The Quareo PathManager Suite will wire the following devices:

  • VDX8770-8
    • 48 port X 10G blade (24 ports managed)
    • 48 port X 1G blade (24 ports managed)
  • VDX8770-4
    • 48 port X 10G blade (24 ports managed)
    • 48 port X 1G blade (24 ports managed)

Also racked:

  • 2 X VDX 6720
  • 2 X VDX 6730
  • 2 X B7800