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How To: Backup of Configuration Files for Brocade Devices

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For easy configuration management, the router supports the download and upload of configuration files between the router and a TFTP server on the network. You can also copy the startup configuration file locally between the management module’s code flash and a PCMCIA flash card inserted in management module slot 1 or 2.

Before You Begin

You can upload either the startup configuration file or the running configuration to the TFTP server, code flash, or a flash card for backup and use in booting the system.

  • Startup configuration file – This file (startup-config) contains the configuration information that is currently saved in flash memory. To display this file, enter the show configuration command at any CLI prompt.
  • Running configuration – This active configuration is in the system RAM but not yet saved to code flash. These changes could represent a short-term requirement or a general configuration change. To display this configuration, enter the show running-config or write terminal command at any CLI prompt.

Each device can have one startup configuration file and one running configuration. The startup configuration file is shared by both flash modules. The running configuration resides in DRAM.

Topic of Discussion

To retain the current startup configuration:

After making configuration changes to the active system, if you have not executed a write memory

command and you decide you don’t want to save the changes, enter the reload command to return

to the current startup configuration.

Brocade# reload

If the system detects differences between the running and startup configurations,

it prompts you as follows:

Are you sure? (enter ‘y’ or ‘n’):

Enter y, and press the Enter key.

To make local copies of the startup configuration file:

You can copy the startup-config file in flash memory to a TFTP server or to a PCMCIA flash card inserted in management module slot 1 or 2.

For example, to make a backup copy of the startup-config file and save the backup file to a TFTP server, enter a command such as the following at the Privileged EXEC level in the CLI:

Brocade# copy startup-config tftp startup-config.bak

Syntax: copy startup-config tftp <ip-address> <dest-file-name>

Example 1: Backing up the Configuration

Prerequisites: A TFTP server or Secure Copy program and SSH enabled on the the device

Notes: TFTP commands are issued on the device. SCP commands are issued on the server.

Example Commands for TFTP:

Backing up the device:

  copy run tftp myswitch.cfg

Restoring the device:

  copy tftp start myswitch.cfg


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