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Data Center Infrastructure-Test Engineer Journal: Cisco Nexus vPC Interoperability with Brocade VDX Switch Port Channels

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Synopsis: Test Engineer's Journal for validation of Cisco Nexus vPC Interoperability with Brocade VDX Switches and port-channels. Also see the Validation Test report for more details.




This Test Engineer Journal documents test procedures and results for interoperability tests of Cisco Nexus 7000 Switches with NX-OS 6.x configured with the Cisco vPC feature, and the Brocade VDX Switch port channel feature in Brocade Network OS (NOS) 3.x.  See the References below for the Validation Test report and a companion Test Engineer Journal covering Cisco Nexus vPC interoperability with Brocade VCS Fabric vLAG.

VDX switches can be deployed as independent Top-or-Rack switches without being configured into a VCS Fabric. These tests include Cisco vPC connected to individual VDX switches at the Top-of-Rack.

Brocade’s VDX switches with Port Channels and Cisco’s vPC are used in datacenter networks when customers want to integrate Brocade switches in a blade server chassis and at the top of rack with Cisco switches.




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