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Data Center

Watch How VCS Technology Delivers Cloud Computing

by on ‎01-11-2011 03:27 PM (1,215 Views)

There is a nifty new video available that tells a great story about why data center virtualization paves the road to cloud computing and how Brocade VCS Technology with Ethernet fabrics optimizes the data center network for virtualization.

Many customers and partners have been evaluating the VDX 6720, and they are excited about how it eliminates a lot of the network issues that constrained scaling up server virtualization.  Their strategy is to use server and storage virtualization as a foundation upon which they can build private cloud computing in their data centers.  And with a functioning private cloud, they can take advantage of the opportunity to quickly shift application work loads between their data center and public cloud service providers.

That's what our Brocade One unified networking strategy is all about: Brocade is the networking provider that transitions organizations smoothly to a world where information and applications reside anywhere

Watch How Ethernet Fabrics Simplify Data Center Virtualization to see and hear the story.