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Data Center

VMware PEX 2014: Networks matters for Performance and Agility of the Virtual Deskop

by jgamez on ‎02-27-2014 03:49 PM (6,353 Views)

Amazing things are taking shape in world of data center infrastructure- higher performance, greater virtualization and  increased flexibility in business agility are demanded for a broad range of applications. One of the hot topics at VMware PEX this year was the'Software defined Data Center' with applications like VMware Horizon View. Many of the steadfast storage partners like EMC, brought out the big guns and showcased all flash based storage arrays like XtremIO  to tiered storage like the VNX storage platform for VMware View End User Desktop computing (EUC) architectures in the EMC VSPEX Program.


There were some resounding themes around the event, one of which being that performance and operational agility are critical factors. As this market gains more adoption, operation agility and performance must be a part of the future of the virtualized desktops experience. Flash alone will not guarantee performance – the entire EUC architecture must have performance- which is reliant on the network. Brocade provides the fastest most resilient network for EUC architectures.  Many of the flash based storage are either 10GbE or SAN attached with the majority still SAN 8 or 16Gb Fibre Channel.

Operational efficiency must align with all layers of the EUC infrastructure. SAN Analytics for vCOPS adds to SAN fabrics operational readiness.  Brocade and VMware are collaborating to simplify operations management in today’s highly virtualized SAN environments with Brocade GEN5. By adding FC SAN support within vCOPS, VMware is extending this functionality with Brocade’s SAN Analytics for vCOPS.



Together application, network and storage transform desktops into highly available and agile services delivered.