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VMware PEX 2012- Brocade Business Continuity Solution

by eyosef on ‎02-13-2012 05:55 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 08:46 PM by bcm1 (2,006 Views)

If you come to VMware partner Exchange next week, make sure you stop by at Brocade booth. We will be happy to share with you some of our cutting edge validated solutions with VMware that can accelerate your business: Our Business Continuity solution with Metro vMotion and EMC VPLEX for example.

The business logic for your customers is pretty simple: They can focus on disaster avoidance instead of disaster recovery, extend their maintenance window without causing disruption, and use their DC resources efficiently.


Your customers need protection against disasters, and you may want to share these shocking but true statistics about the effect of disasters on businesses:

• 43% of companies experiencing disasters never re- open, and 29% close within two years.  (McGladrey and Pullen) •

93% of business that lost their data center for 10 days went bankrupt within one year. (National Archives & Records Administration)


What are the fundamental technologies that make the disaster avoidance, and data center extension solution a reality?



We can divide it to 3 major components:

 Single cluster across two sites

 Active-active storage with read / write on both sites

 Cross-site layer 2 network with max 10 ms latency (distance is limited to 1,000 KM)

The first component is provided by VMware vMotion, EMC VPLEX is the perfect solution for the Active-Active storage, and Brocade is responsible for the network. What does make our networking solution unique?

Brocade networking solution consists of 3 layers:

The first layer is an optimized and efficient storage extension. Brocade optimizes the storage extension with FCIP Fast write technology, and line rate compression, for more efficient storage utilization or lower bandwidth pipes. (Up to 50%)


The second layer is a scalable layer 2 Ethernet Fabric for seamless VM Mobility. The combination of Brocade VDX Ethernet fabric and MLX routers provides Highly Reliable DC Core and Layer 2 Extension between Datacenters.  The VDX is a Highly reliable and scalable layer 2 Ethernet Fabric for efficient and seamless VM Mobility with No Spanning Tree, Ultra-low latency and Fast and automatic convergence in case of failures. The MLX provides Standard-based Layer 2 extension between datacenters with MPLS and VPLS/VLL.


The third layer is application Delivery platform enabling non-disruptive Live vMotion using unique vCenter integration. The Brocade application Delivery platform enables non-disruptive Live vMotion using unique vCenter integration and ensures that clients are directed to the right VM, no matter which Data center the application physical server is in at the time. This solution was tested and validated under heavy application loads and stringent network conditions. The networking solution can be deployed gradually, and each layer can be deployed independently. For more information on this solution please stop by Brocade booth #208 at PEX.