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VCS Fabrics – “I Forgot the Password. It Just Works.”

by on ‎05-16-2012 03:31 PM (1,634 Views)

I recently had the opportunity to read about some customer reactions to VCS Fabrics.  What struck me was the diversity of industries, yet a common reaction.  In a word ...  “Wow!!”.


For example, the network operations manager of a very significant US aerospace company for whom the words “mission critical” mean taking people into outer space and back again made this simple comment, “Thank you for making our lives simple with VCS Fabrics.” Indeed, the best networks are the ones you don’t know anything about because they are simple to manage and they just work.

Another customer that is a very substantial systems integrator in Europe had the opportunity to evaluate and test our VCS Fabric, Juniper’s QFabric and Cisco’s FabricPath. This is standard due diligence for them whenever they are thinking about adding new products or technologies since their projects represent strategic investments for their customers.  The comment they made was, “Brocade VCS Fabrics have the best architecture of all the available solutions.” That’s a significant point. When a network is a strategic asset for a company, the underlying technical architecture is the most important thing to get right.

One other customer, again in Europe, is a significant service provider. Scalability and network resiliency are essential and critical criteria for success in all their projects. Their perspective on the innovative vLAG feature of VCS Fabrics was summed up by saying, “Brocade’s multi-chassis LAG (vLAG) is the simplest and best implementation we have seen.” Again, this is from a customer with very high standards for network equipment who recognizes the strategic value of simplicity.  And by the way, it isn’t easy to make things simple, but boy, do customers appreciate it when you make that investment for them.

Finally, in the entertainment and electronic game industry, where the best network infrastructure is the one you don’t really pay much attention to, the comment was “The VDX switches are running for about a year now. I forgot the password. They just work.” That’s really a testament to simplicity and reliability.

If you have strategic projects that call for new network gear (or even smaller ones which are a great way to try out innovation), take a look at the VDX series of switches (VDX 6730, 6720 and 6710) with VCS Fabrics. It can’t get much simpler.