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Uniting the Physical and Virtual at VMworld, San Francisco

by Patric.Chang on ‎08-23-2013 04:05 PM (1,519 Views)

_7041375-CloudandBW.jpgPhotograph by Don Vu

It is time for VMworld. Once again, IT pains bring 20,000 professional back to San Francisco looking for answers. But with so many sessions and exhibitors and limited time, how does one find the answer? Well, try these steps.

First, ask - how can you increase efficiency in the current data center to drive additional value from the investment made?  At the Brocade booth, you can start by taking matters into your own hand by building your own efficient data center network in 5 minutes.

Second, look. Central in today’s data centers are critical applications using storage connected mostly by SAN fabrics.  Users of vCenter Operations Management Suite (vCOPS) should look at Brocade’s Operations Management demo to see how SAN Analytics for vCOPS can help improve operational efficiency in your data center.

Third, chat. You can chat to a Brocade expert in our Validated Solutions area about a range of proven solutions for private clouds which are easy to deploy and manage. Find out how Brocade provides you with the best-of-breed choices for validated solutions.

Fourth, move. Move pass the big roadblock at the gateway to the next gen data center - the lack of agility. The automated, multi-pathing and resiliency provide by the Brocade’s Virtual Cluster Switching technology make Brocade’s IP networking one of the most capable underlay networks for workloads mobility.  If you are interested in Hybrid Clouds, you might look at the Brocade Vyatta vRouter and virtual ADC.

Fifth, unite – the critical step to the next gen data center. The concept of the next gen Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) uses networks to unite compute and storage resources. One of the three SDDC pillars is Software Defined Networking (SDN) which incorporates Network Virtualization. When virtual networks become numerous and complex when combined with policies, multi-tenancy and QoS – then the automation, scalability and resilience of the physical network becomes critical. At VMworld, you should come to the Network virtualization demo area to see these capabilities in action. See how Brocade technology unites compute and storage resources to support data center workloads running across physical and virtual environments.

So the picture is pretty clear. Whether you are looking for higher efficiency today, visibility into your data center fabrics or the ability to unite you physical and virtual resources for tomorrow – Booth 1513 is the place to go for the answer.

A data center divided cannot stand. So come and see how Brocade can help you unite the physical and virtual to realize the benefits of the next gen data center.