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Tipping the Scale-ability in your Favor with Simplified Data Center Fabrics

by mlenehan on ‎10-14-2016 01:56 PM - last edited on ‎11-01-2016 04:24 PM by Community Manager (5,270 Views)


As a young Product Marketing Engineer at Intel, I found myself living by Moore’s Law dutifully bringing out new microprocessors that doubled compute power every two years.


                                blog figure 1.png


Some years later I found myself at 3Com living by its corollary - Metcalfe’s Law - where we madly went about harnessing this raw compute power in client-server networks to increase the business value of collaborative work and communications.



                     blog figure 2.png



Fast forward to 2016 and we see hyper scale giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook building out cloud scale data center networks that were only dreamed of in these early days of exponential compute and networking growth predictions. Here’s Delphina Eberly, Facebook VP Infrastructure Operations, discussing their state-of-the-art  Facebook data center in Altoona, Iowa and Alexey Andreyev, a Facebook network engineer sharing his now famous data center fabric blog explaining the simplified standards-based IP Fabric design and DevOps style automation used to build the Altoona facility. This blueprint has become the model for enterprises and clouds service providers alike as they strive to implement their own modern data centers leveraging these best practices.


As for me, I am now at Brocade working on the latest data center building blocks for our customers embracing this digital transformation connecting video, IoT and cloud networked services. One such customer,, explains here why a simplified IP Fabric design, similar to the one used at Facebook, was exactly what they needed to address their own customer demands for cloud scale and agility.



             blog figure 3.png


Most recently we just added a new highly scalable SLX 9850 Router to our Brocade IP Fabric portfolio of platforms. This future-ready platform brings new levels of performance, scale, automation and investment protection to Brocade customer data center designs preparing them for the unpredictable but surely exciting road ahead.


So how is your network scale-ability factor? Are you ready for the next wave of data, devices and users? We will be talking more about agile and cost-effective scale with fabrics and foundational building blocks in the weeks to come.