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Data Center

Three Noteworthy Data Center Sessions to Attend at VMworld

by Patric.Chang on ‎08-16-2013 01:41 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 01:30 PM by bcm1 (3,355 Views)

Data center professionals heading for this year’s VMworld should perk up their ears for three noteworthy Brocade sessions.


First, Dr. Chip Copper, a Brocade Global Solution Architect, will be revealing about how SAN analytics can be used with VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) for health, risk and efficiency assessment of SAN Infrastructure.




According to Gartner, “Client inquiries show that virtual server infrastructures are more latency sensitive than bandwidth sensitive. This has caused a migration to FC from file-based protocols, especially when there are a high number of virtual hosts per physical server.” This is note is underscored by the current Top 20 VMmark 2.0 benchmarks where FC SAN is the default for all network storage configurations.


If FC SAN is so important, why is there no FC SAN visibility in VMware’s most important operations management tool – vCOPS?  Now imagine: what if you have better and deeper visibility of your FC SAN network? You could quickly identify the specific issue causing the problem. You could better monitor for latency conditions in the fabric. You could see flows with high latency. Sounds good?


If yes, then you should attend the Brocade session: “Health, Risk and Efficiency Assessment of SAN Infrastructure with vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) – STO6123”.


“I hear you”, you might say, “but what if I want to use NFS storage instead?”


Well then you will want to attend the Brocade session on deploying NFS in a resilient configuration? A resilient deployment? Yes, this is where Brocade Ethernet fabric comes in. By implementing an on-demand data center based on the SDDC concept, organizations can achieve greater control, flexibility and integration of their IT resources. In order to achieve these benefits, resilient storage and an automated network infrastructure are of key importance. So join Marcus Thordal and Paul Morrissey from HDS who will illustrate: “How to deploy vCloud Suite with a resilient NFS storage and an automated network fabric infrastructure – STO6084”.


Grabbing this VMworld’s theme by the horns, date center networking duet, Chip Copper and Deepak Patil are poised to deliver their session to a full house. A key challenge for everyone considering network virtualization or the broader concept of software-defined networking (SDN) is how to take the first practical steps since everyone has critical applications, databases and storage devices humming on their physical networks today. In their session, “Advanced Network Designs for Data Center Transformation – NET6091”, Chip and Deepak will cover how to unite the physical and virtual resources for cloud workloads. They will show how a Brocade VCS Gateway enables customers to take an evolutionary, resilient and scalable path to the on-demand or software-defined data center.


If these sessions sound good, here is a bonus note. Do come to see our demos and listen to our experts talking about uniting physical and virtual networks, SAN analytics and Ethernet Fabrics in the Brocade’s Booth (# 1513).You might even win a Bose headset.