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Such a Cloud of Great Partners at VMworld

by Patric.Chang on ‎08-27-2011 02:30 PM (2,885 Views)

A crowd of writers have already hailed 2011 as The Year of the Cloud. Why the panting excitement? Well, the promises: apps everywhere; never-lost data; 24x7 access; affordable; and, great performance. Not so fast. In order to deliver these promises hard issues need to be addressed including: the ability to scale for many; good and consistent performance; a rock solid foundation; and, the ability to deliver these without a complex architecture which is expensive to maintain and terrifying to expand.

A company might attempt to address these issues by becoming a one-stop cloud supplier. But these are hard issues that involve layers of hardware, software and networking that continue to evolve and advance. Hence, it is unlikely that a single vendor, however large, can have all the brain-power and resources to offer up vertically integrated solutions which are competitive and sustainable. If the metaphysical poet John Donne were around today, he would surely tweet “No person is a Cloud”.

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Therefore, for virtualization to dominate in the data center, a cloud ecosystem need to work together to provide the best of breed compute, storage, software, services utilize a network that can unify for all these together with agility and efficiency. Such a cloud of partners will be better equipped to address the hard issues to deliver enterprise-wide and global-scale deployment with solid reliability and great performance. Such a cloud of partners will address the customer pain points with best practices such as: utilizing standards; jointly defining and validating solutions; contributing best of breed products; and, embracing business models that really enable customers to reduce both their CapEx and OpEx expenditures.

This year at VMworld, Brocade will show with VMware how such a cloud of great partners can collaborate to deliver innovative, cloud-optimized solutions with our CloudPlex™ architecture. These solutions include open virtual compute blocks, VDI, business continuity and other offerings. Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HDS and IBM along with channel and software partners are working with Brocade because we can really help to solve hard networking issues to allow customers to scale and expand their virtualization and because we offer best network fabrics for cloud computing. For instance, Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) and the VDX products provide key benefits of great performance, management simplicity and better VM migration.

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Another network, the railway, transformed the fabric of British society and turned the country into an industrial powerhouse. New jobs were created. Food can be produced and consumed anyway. There were live migrations of people to and from factories and to seaside resorts (follow the sun) during weekends. In the process, the country even adopted the best practice of standardizing on a single time zone (GMT). If this is The Year of the Cloud, it is about time that the hard issues of cloud networking are addressed by great partnerships. And this year, with our track record in data center networks, Brocade will demonstrate our value as a partner who is able to transform the fabric of your cloud in your journey to deliver open, reliable and scalable clouds solutions.