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Solutions Lab Journal - Layer 1 Cable Management Project

by on ‎11-27-2012 08:12 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 05:31 PM by bcm1 (3,659 Views)



While the media and analysts spill a lot of ink about the latest technologies including cloud computing, software defined networking, OpenFlow and 100 GbE, the foundation of all networks starts with layer 1. And most of the time layer 1 doesn't get the respect, or attention, it needs. Rack layout and cable management are important for trouble free networks. Bad cable routing can hinder removing port cards, put undue stress on cables and make it hard to find a cable when diagnosing cable problems. If cabling isn't routed correctly, it could affect cooling causing long term problems.


It's a good idea to plan layer 1 configurations carefully so you avoid problems like this later on.





Because once in production, the physical layer isn't easy to change without an outage, so careful planning and layout can save a lot of headaches later on.


The Strategic Solutions Lab is working on setting up some new equipment racks of VDX, MLX and VDX in support of our solutions development program for 2013 this week. So we are kicking off a new kind of publication to document what we are doing as we do it. It's called a How To Journal.  This particular journal documents our installation of Tyco Electronics cable managment in real-time as we do it. We will include pictures, diagrams, videos and even a final time-lapse movie of the entire assembly process.




We plan to post updates each day so you should click the green "Follow" option on the top right to automatically get updates as we post them. We will document the good, the bad so at the end the journal will contain a "best practice" layer 1 design and deployment for cable managment.


Feel free to post comments (and questions) to the journal sharing your ideas and your pet "tricks of the trade" as well. We encourage the dialog.


By the way, why not come by and visit the Strategic Solutions Lab forum and take a look at our reference architectures, design guides, deployment guides and validation test results.  If you are designing or administering networks, this forum is a great resource.