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Secure High Performance DCI with Brocade and Coriant

by asardell on ‎03-20-2017 03:46 PM (9,317 Views)

Due to the capacity and security requirements of cloud, video, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), networks are becoming more dependent on data centers rather than central offices. This naturally adds capacity and security requirements for our customers doing data center interconnection (DCI).


Accordingly, Brocade and Coriant have woven together solutions for several use cases in this area to provide very high density and high performance interconnect services as well as payload encryption across DWDM systems. The solutions include Brocade’s service provider DC WAN portfolio (including SLX and MLX routers) and Coriant’s G30 DCI Platform


Brocade’s SLX or MLX router platforms in combination with Coriant G30 can be used across a variety of IP optical networking applications. Examples include DCI gateway functionality or as a highly efficient IP over DWDM routing solution. Brocade and Coriant have jointly performed integration testing on the key scenarios used in those network applications.


Example of the Main Use Case


As examples, the tested integration verifies these common DC interconnect options:  


  1. Secure transmission using Coriant Groove G30 as a disaggregated DWDM transponder using payload encryption for Brocade SLX/MLX 10/40/100GE interconnect
  2. Secure transmission using Groove G30 AES-256 encryption with Brocade SLX/MLX as well as intra-DC storage area (SAN) connectivity
  3. For increased reach and higher capacity, the DCI options can use a separate open line system (OLS) from Coriant


An example of the first use case is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1.png


Figure 1: Brocade SLX and Groove™ G30 High Density 100GE Interconnect


This solution uses SLX high density interconnect options and Coriant Groove™ G30 as a disaggregated DWDM transponder. The encryption of DWDM channels offered by Coriant are especially important in order to prevent fiber tapping.


How Does This Benefit You?


Brocade and Coriant have combined their best-in-class routing and DCI products into a robust option for a secure IP-optical DCI solution.


Brocade SLX 9850 specifically provides the cost-effective density, scale and performance needed to dramatically reduce CapEx and OpEx. From a baseline of 144x100GE (for SLX 9850-4), a maximum of 230Tbps of non-blocking capacity in a multi-stage architecture can be obtained with SLX 9850-8.


The Coriant Groove G30 Network Disaggregation Platform is an ultra-high density data center interconnect (DCI) and open line system (OLS). The G30 offers configurations for secure (multiple encryption options) DCI transmission and optical line solutions enabled through open APIs.


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Additionally, consult your Brocade or Coriant representative for details on these solutions.