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Data Center

Protecting Network Investments with SDN Applications

by Sultan Dawood on ‎09-03-2015 11:00 AM (7,587 Views)

Using SDN and NFV technologies, the New IP helps customers transform existing networks making them more agile, programmable and intelligent. Focusing specifically on SDN applications, they allow customers to introduce SDN technology into their respective networks while addressing real world network challenges like performance. Among the top challenges facing IT and telecom managers during service roll-outs are:

  • Which applications are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Which servers are busiest and when
  • Real-time bandwidth availability and capacity planning
  • If the network has a congestion point can it continue to operate without disruption of services

While these challenges are nothing new – and there are existing solutions out there that address them – these solutions are not necessarily optimal. They don’t address scalability issues, operational simplicity and automation in the network that is needed.


Recently, Brocade announced the Flow Optimizer SDN application which is a volumetric traffic detection application, provides proactive visibility into the network while dynamically enforcing specific configured policies to improve network performance by increasing bandwidth utilization, enhancing network traffic engineering and mitigating malicious denial of service attacks. This app addresses real world network performance challenges while introducing new levels of control and automation in the network.


While the industry is expecting some kind of killer app to drive the deployment of SDN, reality is that there is not going to be a single killer app. Rather, smaller targeted apps is the way to go and Brocade is showing this through concrete steps by introducing apps like the Flow Optimizer that in turn help customers address their business challenges.


Brocade, continues to drive SDN leadership in the market by developing open solutions that provide customers investment protection. While most of the industry is targeting Greenfield network opportunities, Brocade is working with customers to enable SDN in existing deployed networks. Using an OpenDaylight-based SDN Controller and the Flow Optimizer SDN app, Brocade enables customers to introduce new capabilities in their network without impacting any hardware or the embedded code within it. This way customers can avoid any network disruption, unnecessary hardware purchases or deal with any rip and replace any existing deployed products.


Recently, Michael Bushong, VP of Product Management at Brocade, spoke with ACG Research and discussed the steps Brocade is taking to help customers deploy SDN in their networks.



Brocade continues to invest in its data center portfolio; bringing hardware and software, physical and virtual elements together to provide a single integrated solution that combines the SDN Controller, SDN apps and hardware into a converged solution that ultimately provides an open and investment protection solution.