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Networking Field Day #2 - Brocade Session, Friday Oct 28

by on ‎10-24-2011 01:01 PM (1,685 Views)

Steve Foskett of Gestalt IT has assembled a diverse group of technology bloggers to pay Brocade a visit on Friday, October 28 from 1:30 - 3:30pm as part of the Networking Field Day 2, Silicon Valley tour.


The proceedings will include a live videocast so you can watch the interactive conversation on the Tech Field Day web page.  I hope you can listen in live, or if you can't, you can listen to the replay at any time at the Tech Field Day site.

Here is the list of bloggers who will be visiting Brocade.  For those who need to feed their inner nerd, this should provide a full meal in an entertaining format.

Kurt Bales

Network Janitor


Ethan Banks

Packet Pushers


Tony Bourke

The Data Center Overlords


Brandon Carroll

BrandonCarroll GlobalConfig


Greg Ferro

EtherealMind PacketPushers


Jeff Fry

FryGuy’s Blog


Jeremy L. Gaddis

Evil Routers


Tom Hollingsworth

The Networking Nerd


Tony Mattke

Router Jockey


Ivan Pepelnjak

Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks


Mrs. Y.

Packet Pushers