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Microsoft and Brocade: Better Together for Cloud Computing with Windows Server 2012

by sue.hartford on ‎09-04-2012 04:35 AM (2,375 Views)

This week, Microsoft officially launched Windows Server 2012.  Look closely and you will see a slew of new features focused on networking.  Why?  Because the highly virtualized cloud data centers being built today require more dynamic, easier to manage networking technologies.


Brocade has been collaborating with Microsoft from the very earliest planning stages of the new operating system.  Sometimes in order to bring new network technologies to life, it requires support in the network AND the operating system.  Brocade and Microsoft have a long history of working together to ensure great interoperability for our customers.  Today, our teams are excited to announce several new networking technologies to help customers build highly virtualized cloud data centers:


  • Virtual Fibre Channel:  Brocade FC adapter drivers now ship with Windows Server 2012 and include support for the virtual fibre channel functionality built into Windows Server.  This feature enables distributed workload clustering and dynamic live migration of applications without requiring SAN reconfiguration or impacting workflows.
  • Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN):  Brocade Ethernet adapter drivers now ship with Windows Server 2012 and support new QoS configuration options from a Data Center Bridging (DCB) network.  This allows dedicated allocation of network bandwidth for high-demand, real-time applications and network services.
  • NVGRE:  Brocade products work smoothly in an NVGRE environment today, and Brocade is committed to add support for this important software-defined networking (SDN) technology as we bring new products to market.


Mike Schutz, General Manager of Windows Server Product Marketing, sums it up nicely in this video. 


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