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(Golden) Gateway to VXLAN . . .

by Nanjunda Somyaji on ‎08-27-2012 12:13 PM (2,679 Views)

Before The Golden Gate Bridge was built to connect San Francisco to its northern Marin County, the ferries were the main transportation across Golden Gate Strait. Ferries are great and lovely, but not efficient and scalable if they are only transportation mode. When City leaders envisioned a bridge to connect two end points - San Francisco and Marin County, and built it, the economic impact to the region was huge.


It seems like we are at this juncture with respect to Information Technology infrastructure. There is a huge need to connect Physical IT infrastructure to Virtual IT infrastructure aka Software Defined Datacenter. One of the primary mover for this transformation to happen is The Network. Without having a Software Defined Networking (SDN), this transformation to Software Defined Datacenter may not happen.

This is where Brocade's ADX VXLAN Gateway will help our customers and partners to build their Software Defined Datacenter to bring much needed agility, flexibility and scalability to their business processes. VMware VXLAN is the principal technology that overcomes the challenges of multi-tenant support,  a requirement for Cloud Infrastructure based Software Defined Datacenter network.

Some of the challenges of building VXLAN based Software Defined Network are:

  • Scalable, purpose-built hardware with native VXLAN support to enable support for hyper-scale multi-tenancy deployment of the logical network
  • A virtual infrastructure to deliver a seamless network to overcome the limitations of existing network protocols
  • Ability for large numbers of virtual domains to be created above existing networks
  • Ability to enable network connectivity between virtual endpoints and conventional endpoints in mixed DC environments
  • Core network services, such as server load balancing, monitoring, and trouble shooting that spans both the virtual and physical infrastructure

Brocade, in partnership with VMware, is leveraging the Brocade SeverIron ADX Application Delivery Switch to connect VXLAN environments to the traditional Internet as well as run applications that span VXLAN and existing non-VXLAN networks.  This enables organizations to use their current infrastructure while leveraging the benefits of VXLAN to support multi-tenancy and large-scale deployment of applications and virtual machines (VMs).   The integrated solution delivers a novel Software-Defined Networking (SDN) infrastructure that is agile, scalable and highly available.

Brocade ADX VXLAN solution described below clearly shows the capabilities of VXLAN technology and ADX VXLAN Gateway product.


In this integrated solution, we demonstrate a remote client accessing a Web Tier running as virtual machines inside the VMware virtualized environment over the VMware VXLAN network segment.  With multiple virtualized web servers acting as front-ends to the physical back-end database servers, the Web Tier requires a scalable gateway and server load balancer to allow a scalable traffic distribution and seamless communication with the VLAN network segment.

Brocade ADX VXLAN Gateway acts as the gateway between a conventional VLAN segments and the next generation VXLAN network segment.  The VXLAN gateway function on the ADX extends Layer 2 communication boundaries between the virtualized and traditional network, and overcomes the existing IP network limitation.  In addition to the functionality of providing a gateway service, Brocade ADX also provides traditional network services for logical networks, in line with VMWare’s SDN vision of load balancing, monitoring and trouble shooting of VMware’s VXLAN networks. The ADX VXLAN gateway enables the applications or servers to exist anywhere within the data centers or across multiple data centers, allowing maximum operational simplicity and network scalability.  Furthermore, it supports multi-tenancy and hyper-scale deployment of applications and VM(s) with resource isolation and performance guarantees in a highly elastic virtualized resources of the VXLAN networks.


End of the day, here is what you get out of ADX VXLAN Gateway when you are in the process of transforming your Physical Datacenter to Software Defined Datacenter . . .

  • Provides network services such as load balancing for VMware logical VXLAN networks
  • Enables network communications between logical (VXLAN) and physical networks
  • Provides granular network monitoring for logical networks
  • Enable ease of troubleshooting of logical networks

By the way, don't forget to visit Brocade booth at VMworld 2012 conference to see and discuss about VXLAN technology, ADX VXLAN Gateway and the solution we are demoing at VMworld.

Here is map to Brocade booth at VMworld 2012


Enjoy VMworld 2012, and have a great time at San Francisco ! ! !