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Data Center

From Cloud Titans To Main Street

by pg_menon on ‎03-29-2016 11:30 AM (12,959 Views)

The Cloud Titans such as Amazon and Facebook are famous (some say notorious) when it comes to implementing IT automation. The incredible business agility they have is the envy of industries from finance to manufacturing. What is less well known are the armies of in-house software developers behind the scenes that are a main catalyst for this agility. These developers write IT automation software, tailored to each company’s business logic, which dramatically improves the speed and flexibility of the entire business. It’s that automation that is at the core of their agility. Not every IT shop has the luxury of resources to achieve business agility by writing vast amounts of IT automation software in-house like the Cloud Titans today.


DevOps is gaining rapid adoption in scale-out data centers. By treating infrastructure as code, and incorporating software tools for continuous integration and continuous deployment, many data centers are adopting DevOps methods to achieve business agility. These methods are now widely accepted for managing data center resources such as compute, storage, and virtualization, but have yet to see broad adoption to manage networking.


All of this is about to change.



Brocade is proud to announce the acquisition of StackStorm, an industry leader in closed-loop, event-driven auto-remediation (in other words they help automate time consuming, error-prone human intervention for well-known IT alerts and events). Using StackStorm technology, Brocade customers will be able to bring DevOps methods to networking as well as experience many of the benefits of scale-out IT automation enjoyed by the Cloud Titans. Simply put, achieving business agility through DevOps methods for IT automation that also includes networking is no longer limited to Cloud Titans. Every IT shop will be able to realize those same benefits. Stay tuned to see how your business can start to benefit from the StackStorm technology as we extend it to the realm of networking.


PG Menon

by pg_menon
on ‎03-30-2016 05:27 AM