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First Reported Zombie Attack on a Data Center!!! - New Video & Eyewitness Photo

by on ‎01-26-2013 04:46 AM (2,396 Views)

BREAKING NEWS: First Reported Zombie Attack on a Data Center


Ever since the Arpanet was designed (rumored to be able to withstand nuclear attacks), every network designer knows they have to anticipate what can go wrong and ensure the network keeps networking no matter what.


Network bloggers, such as Ivan Pepelnjak at and Gregg Ferro at, write article after article about how to design availability, resiliency and robustness into a network in anticipation of the unexpected.


But, I can’t find anything written anywhere about how to design a network to survive a Zombie


And we just had one here on the Brocade campus in San Jose, CA. Here’s the video clip of the first recorded Zombie attack on a data center.



This footage has graphic scenes of violence that maybe offensive to some of our readers. It’s full frontal, Quentin TarantinoDjango Unchained, blood and gore. Oh those poor switches!!!


Zombies Attack Data Center - YouTube


Zombie Attack on Data Center - Source: Brocade Survivors


We don’t have many details yet. So we are asking anyone who witnessed the unspeakable carnage, and had the presence of mind to capture pictures or video on their cell phone as they ran for their lives, to please post it here.

Make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this gruesome and blood thirsty rampage.


Among the unanswered questions at this hour:

  • Did this attack anticipate pending cutbacks at Homeland
    Security in preparation for the US government spending sequestration?
  • Was this attack sponsored by a desperate competitor: Cisco? Juniper? Arista?
  • How did this Zombie invasion infiltrate the Brocade campus?
  • What do they eat?
  • Where did they go?
  • How can we prevent this from every happening again?


We will be posting updates as we get more information.


Stay Tuned!!!




UPDATE ON THE BREAKING NEWS: First Reported Zombie Attack on a Data Center


We just got this video from security cameras on campus.  It seems the Zombies (or Zom Bees???) were seen participating in a spontaneous Harlem Shake on campus.  And, we also received a photo from an eye-witness posted in the comments below.



Stay tuned for more updates