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EMC World 2015: A Preview of the Brocade Booth Experience

by Marcus Thordal on ‎05-01-2015 11:00 AM (7,308 Views)

It is with great excitement we stuffed our booth (#321) at EMC World 2015 joint EMC and Brocade solutions.


We have the new Brocade 7840 extension switch on display, which is now enhanced to support IP, as well as Fibre Channel, delivering high throughput storage replication between data centers - the equivalent of local replication performance - over long distances with strong encryption to address security and disaster recovery requirements.


The solution demonstrations will take you on a journey showing how to set direction from second to third platform with Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, Converged Infrastructures and Unified Storage network management across virtual infrastructures on both FC and IP storage networks. While we are on the path to the third platform redefining the network with a New IP architectural approach is necessary to unlock the potentials of mobile, social and Big Data. An example is the hands on demonstration of Software Defined cloud Access that you can deploy in minutes to securely connect you private DC with a vDC in the cloud.


For me personally EMC World is always a very special place, meeting with peers and sharing ideas on how we continue redefining the next IT infrastructure to closer align with the value of respective purpose or business; and then imagine what we can do next … and next. It almost gives me goosebumps to think about the possibilities with Big Data analytics through which new businesses are enabled, but even more how analytic correlations can contribute to make the world a better place for us all.


In the booth we will show you why the Brocade VCS fabric, with the Connectrix VDX-6740B, is an integral solution in the engineered Federated Business Data Lake solution, as well as the best network for VMware NSX deployments, IP Storage networks, VSPEX and VSPEX BLUE. Common for all solutions is how automation and ease of management deliver network performance and scalability as needed by the business.


Management of storage networks with pinpoint visibility into the network is increasingly important as we build layers of virtualized infrastructure on top. Come to the Unified Storage area to learn how the latest GEN5 tools such as FPI monitoring and SDDQ ensure bottlenecks or slow drain devices do not impact your flash storage performance. With SANHealth, MAPS and vRealize you can jump-start from day one with prescribed monitoring to predict and solve problems across both FC and IP storage networks before they impact your business.


Looking forward to see you and a great EMC World!