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DevOps-centric Network Simulation: Dev-Test Environments in Minutes, Not Weeks!

by yhasan on ‎05-23-2017 03:20 PM (10,979 Views)

Benioff.jpgAccording to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, “Speed is the new currency of business.”


Additionally, according to ZK Research, “Digital organizations such as SalesForce, Amazon, Uber and more are 26% more profitable on average by going digital and increasing agility. Yet, nothing impedes an organization’s speed more than the network where in some cases, it takes an average of 4 months to deploy changes.“


Today’s “need for speed” demands the entire IT infrastructure, especially the network, be agile for faster service provisioning and operational efficiency.  And while DevOps driven methodologies have shown amazing productivity and agility in web scale cloud services, applying this approach to the network has lagged behind. Part of that lag was due to lack of software-driven network platforms and event-driven automation platforms  Additionally, it can take weeks or months to build a separate dev or test network environment along with significant investment in expensive network hardware.


DevOps-centric Network Simulation enabled by event-driven intelligent automation can bring the same agility benefits to network dev and test use cases for new services creation, flexibility of service design, reliability and cost management.

With a DevOps-centric network simulation approach, changes can be applied and tested as frequently as desired without impacting production services. Additionally, using automation and virtual network simulation in a private cloud or as SaaS offering helps address these critical dev and test network use cases in minutes and without any hardware investment.

Once proven, changes can be migrated to production quickly enabling Internet Exchange Providers to become very agile while still providing reliable and cost optimized services to their end-customers.


To learn more about DevOps-centric Network Simulation, join us at MORE-IP. This session will highlight key challenges to network design validation and network operating system validation. This session will also show a demo of how a network engineer can spin up a vSLX-OS device or network in a private cloud in minutes using Brocade Workflow Composer powered by StackStorm and Brocade Network Simulation Automation Suite, improving IT agility and providing capex savings.