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Data Center Zombie Attack at Brocade – The Truth Revealed!!!

by on ‎03-01-2013 12:27 PM (3,391 Views)

We are getting to the bottom of this story. Earlier this week we posted a report of the first Zombie attack on a data center, Only sketchy details were available at that time.

First On-site Report of Data Center Zombie Attack at Brocade Campus

I did find a Tweet about this Zombie attack that mentions a mysterious Test29. I speculated then that Test29 may be a secret government test that went bad.

Customer Demands Zombie Apocalypse Test of VCS Fabric

Now, in this exclusive video interview, Jed Bleess, Director Strategic Solutions Lab at Brocade, makes clear how Zombies got on the Brocade campus at 130 Holger Way, San Jose, CA, and why the Zombie attack happened ...

A customer demanded it as part of a VCS Fabric acceptance test!!!

Interview with Jed Bleess, Director Brocade Strategic Solutions Lab

New Zombie Species Sighted for the First Time

In the interview, Jed talks about what led up to the ensuing Zombie rampage at Brocade’s headquarters. As I suspected, these Zombies aren't your everyday garden variety that munch on human brains. This is a new species, Data Center Zombies. They hunt for networks seeking the data that courses through switches, the life-blood of a company, then ripping them apart to byte on the bits spurting out of a fatally wounded network.

In Jed’s interview it’s clear the DC-Zombies attempted to rip apart Brocade VDX Switches and suck the life out of a Brocade VCS Fabric.

But, they could not kill the fabric even though they dismembered a VDX switch. The data continued to flow, uninterrupted, robbing them of the vital sustenance they crave.  In truth, a VCS Fabric is Zombie proof.  This is exactly what the customer needed for their network, and the VCS Fabric met the challenge of this gruesome test.


VCS Fabric Creates a DC-Zombie Free Zone

Now, I wonder what this customer's network is used for?  Who demands a Zombie Apocalypse test to prove a network is Zombie proof?  Is this a highly classified research facility, perhaps part of a DARPA project, or a lab working on advanced genomics, or maybe a network supporting nano-technology DNA alteration experiments? Who would demand a test like Test29???

Terror in the Halls

And this is when the test went terribly wrong. As Jed explains it, frustrated and hungry, the DC-Zombies regrouped and escaped the campus causing panic as shockingly shown in these eyewitness photos.


   Zombies on an Elevator at Brocade


   Zombies Leaving Brocade Campus

Where Have They Gone?

They were reported to be heading “Down the Street” to a nearby data center. You saw that stomach churning footage sent by persons unknown that clearly shows them ripping a switch out of a data center and throwing it off the roof of a building – in hopes of fresh bits to eat, I’m sure. I know the administrators responsible for that network hung their heads in a moment of silence for those innocent, and now mutilated switches.

But they could only afford a moment of silence, because they have real trouble on their hands with the network reeling from the wounds it received.  Their company is at risk, shareholders will be nervous, customers won't be able to order gadgets and gizmos. They have to get that network, networking again.

                    "Mary, Call Your Husband, You're Going to Be Late!!!!"

But, where did the DC-Zombies go? What is their next target?

If you check Google maps, as I did, you will see there is a large technology company within DC-Zombie shuffling distance of the Brocade campus.  Is this their new feeding ground???


DC-Zombies New Feeding Ground?

Stay tuned …