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California Department of Water Resources Embraces SDDC with Brocade and VMware

by Chip Copper on ‎08-26-2015 09:00 AM (7,900 Views)

The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) approach is gaining traction not only in the commercial space, but also in the public sector. The State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR), a California State Agency, has completely automated the provisioning of cloud-based services for its own internal use. As a result, the DWR has become a model for other agencies by achieving its goal to more efficiently use the funds entrusted to them in order to serve the taxpayers of California, and SDDC is helping them achieve success.




The DWR is responsible for managing and protecting California’s water and works with a variety of agencies to benefit the state’s people and to protect, restore and enhance natural and human environments. It operates a multi-tenant datacenter serving stakeholders across more than 30 agencies belonging to the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA). In working with a growing number of separate agencies, DWR needed a new data center infrastructure that would enable micro segmentation of the ecosystem with the ability for customers to self-provision services without putting additional demands on internal IT resources. The chosen virtualization strategy included VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks as the new data center infrastructure had to be cost-effective and secure without being time-consuming in terms of manual deployment and provisioning.


DWR then asked Enterprise Networking Solutions Inc., a VMware and Brocade partner, to architect and deploy a state-of-the-art SDDC solution in order to achieve the goal of optimizing operational cost by automating the provisioning of necessary SDDC components - Compute, Storage, Network, and Security. The SDDC architecture is based on VMware vCloud Suite comprised of vRealize Suite - in particular vRealize Automation, vSphere/vCenter and VMware NSX. DWR partnered with Brocade to provide the necessary physical network underlay to support a reliable, highly automated, high performance and scalable deployment of the SDDC. Brocade’s solution was selected because of its ease of deployment and administration, as well as the high degree of integration Brocade products have with VMware solutions. The deployment of the Brocade VCS Ethernet Fabric took place in one afternoon, shaving at least a week off of the project timeline based on the estimated deployment schedules for products from other networking partners. Brocade integration with NSX, vRealize, and vCenter for IP and Fibre Channel components allows for a single point of monitoring and administration for the underlying fabric. Brocade VCS technology was a key component for the success of this initiative.


DWR, Brocade and ENS, Inc. are having a session where those who architected and built this SDDC architecture are going to share their experiences and details about this interesting work. Make sure that you have the session VAPP6256-SPO in your schedule. Have a great time at San Francisco and enjoy VMworld 2015 US!


Nanjunda Somayaji contributed to this blog. Be sure to check out his VMworld blog post and session on "Best In-Class VDI"