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Brocade is Integrating OpenStack Management

by on ‎10-12-2012 02:15 PM (1,320 Views)

Next week is the OpenStack summit in San Diego, CA, and Brocade will be there with a pilot to show how we are integrating OpenStack into our management architecture.  Brocade's endorsement of OpenStack goes back to a year ago, when during the Brocade Tech Day in May 2011, we announced our participation to the OpenStack alliance. Since that date, we, as a networking company, are working on enabling our product portfolio to be best optimized for OpenStack. The following is a summary of our direction.

  • Brocade has created an OpenStack integration module- called plugin - that enables interoperability between the Brocade VCS technology and Quantum, the component of OpenStack that centralizes networking. We have an OpenStack integration roadmap that will deliver, step by step, other plugins for various Brocade products
  • Brocade is in the process of developing a new management interface, Restfull API based, for ease of integration into cloud orchestration frameworks. This restfull API is service oriented and fabric level hence greatly simplifies networking operations and orchestration.
  • During the next OpenStack Summit in San Diego in October Brocade will showcase an OpenStack powered Brocade cloud lab in partnership with a leading OpenStack ecosystem player.
  • Moving forward, Brocade plans on contributing back to the community with code work and blueprints submission.

NFD-Logo3-150x150.pngThis week, Brocade hosted Steve Foskett from Gestalt IT and his merry band for Networking Field Day #4.  Jeff Rametta of the Strategic Solutions Lab (SSL) did a very nice demonstration of how VCS Fabric technology has been integrated with the OpenStack management platform. He shows how to completely automate provisioning of applications, virtual machines, storage, network and network polices using Brocade's VMware Automated Migration of Port Profiles AMPP, part of VCS Fabric technology, and the OpenStack API.  In this example, an application familiar to all attendees, WordPress, is deployed in just a few minutes using VMware virtual switch policies to seamlessly create the same policies on all switches in the VCS Fabric.

Here is the link to Jeff's demonstration.

"Wow" was one of the comments, and deservedly so.

Jeff and the rest of the team at SSL also regularly contribute content to the Strategic Solutions Forum where you can get more information about reference architectures, design guides, deployment guides and validation tests.  Drop by and take a look around.  Feel free to make comments and ask questions.

There were other informative Brocade presentations at NFD4 and you can find them on this page.  The updates included the innovative Brocade HyperEdge "mix and match" stacking technology used in the campus ICX platform, an update on the newest VDX switch, the VDX 8770 chassis switch with 10GbE and 40 GbE speed,

Note: One analyst called the Brocade VDX 8770 a "beast of a switch". Another said, "Compared with Cisco Nexus and Juniper QFabric, the VDX 8770 is a leader in latency, speed and density".  And yet another said "Brocade delivers on the promise of delivering large-scale Ethernet fabric solutions."

and an in-depth discussion of where OpenFlow integration is going (our ADX application delivery switch) and why that's innovative (the long tail market opportunities).