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Brocade and Piston Cloud: Orchestrating cloud infrastructure with OpenStack

by riteshp on ‎10-10-2012 11:24 AM (3,371 Views)

With the recent Folsom release, OpenStack has made huge strides in delivering a comprehensive and robust cloud computing framework. This release marks OpenStack’s transition from a service provider platform to an enterprise ready solution, with its baseline feature set and hardening for enterprise usage. Two new components, Quantum (networking) and Cinder (block storage) are now part of the core project. This, along with over around 185 new features as well as usability and stability enhancements, make Folsom a solid release and ready for broader adoption.

Brocade has been a member of the OpenStack alliance since 2010 and is now a corporate sponsor of the newly formed OpenStack Foundation. At the recent Brocade Analyst and Technology Day, we reiterated our commitment to OpenStack as part of our broader SDN vision and demonstrated the orchestration of Brocade VCS fabric with OpenStack via a Quantum plug-in.

This solution is extremely compelling when you start thinking about the substantial complementary benefits of Brocade VCS fabric technology and OpenStack. As an example, OpenStack (via the Brocade Quantum plug-in) no longer needs to interact with individual network devices but can orchestrate the entire fabric by communicating with a single switch. This is a huge benefit allowing customers to scale network infrastructure seamlessly with minimal setup and zero down time. Additional capabilities of VCS fabric such as automatic migration of port profile (AMPP) and Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) based routing reduce the operational overhead while maximizing the fabric utilization. As networking support within OpenStack evolves, Brocade will continue to add support for other products, allowing customers to seamlessly manage and orchestrate our entire portfolio.

A key component of Brocade’s vision is to be a best-of-breed vendor in networking and to partner with top companies to deliver comprehensive, end to end solutions. To deliver solutions based on OpenStack, developing a strong partner ecosystem is one of our top priorities. Several of our existing partners are already supporting or evaluating OpenStack. An enterprise class OpenStack distribution platform is crucial to deliver solutions for private cloud. Today, we are extremely excited to announce our first OpenStack partnership with Piston Cloud. Piston Enterprise OpenStack from Piston Cloud is the first fully-automated, bare-metal cloud management platform built on OpenStack and the first OpenStack distribution specifically focused on security and easy operation of enterprise private clouds. Deployment-Model-Brocade-1.jpg

The integration between Piston Enterprise OpenStack and Brocade VCS fabric is tested and validated to ensure quick and successful initial deployment as well as ongoing orchestration of private IaaS clouds. Together with Piston Cloud and our strategic alliance/OEM partners, our goal is to deliver secure, efficient, and scalable cloud solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and orchestrate. You can read more about are partnership with Piston Cloud here.

To learn more about Brocade solutions with OpenStack, please visit us at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego, booth #E9. Would love to discuss our solution with you!

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