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Brocade & VMware power Digital Business Transformation

by Marcus Thordal on ‎08-18-2016 10:08 AM - last edited on ‎08-18-2016 03:42 PM by Community Manager (5,941 Views)

With summer evenings getting shorter and warmer it’s time to look forward to VMworld16, a week of knowledge sharing with peers and customers. 


This year I’m very excited about the customer panel we have put together for the speaker session NET9460-SPO on Monday August 29th 1-2pm.           


Let me give a preview of this customer panel where we will share use cases for Software Designed Data Centers using NSX and how different organizations are transforming into Digital Businesses.

In the preparation for the session I have spoken with 8 different customers in various phases of digital transformation. Across all of the organizations the original main objective was always to achieve the same level of automatic provisioning for the network as they already have had for some time with compute and storage, while in most cases enabling secure multitenancy.



SDDC with VMware NSX

As they realized their original objective through the deployment of Software Defined Data Centre with NSX, this has become the beginning of a journey which reaches far beyond IT infrastructure –truly changing their business today and path for tomorrow.

They have found that they’re able to reduce time to value for new applications through self-service and real-time realization for greater end-user experiences, and in many cases to provide an infrastructure foundation for Dev/Ops-like iterations for business applications.



The Advantage of Brocade Fabrics

With the increased level of automation within the VMware domain, having a network fabric with reliable zero touch provisioning and expansion without complexity creates a very simple operational model. Brocade Fabrics excel at making the network operations simple so you can focus on the applications. As one customer said “We are 5 guys managing a network with 470 switches -and we manage the storage networks as well”.


We will discuss workflows which are not confined to the NSX infrastructure and the importance of being able to bridge traffic from virtual to physical infrastructure at high performance and high availability redundantly in the Brocade Fabric without impacting resources for northbound application traffic on the NSX Edge Services Cluster.


SDN Beyond the Data Center

Finally, we will provide examples of how organizations’ transformation to Digital Business increases the need for SDN beyond the data center, into the campus for personalized/contextualized experiences for the end-user; or between organizations when sharing (increasingly) large data sets between their data centers.




Looking forward to see you for the session NET9460-SPO on Monday August 29th 1-2pm in Breakers D.

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