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Brocade VMworld 2016: Read Connections You Care About Applications, Data and You!

by David Gorman ‎08-17-2016 03:22 PM - edited ‎04-13-2017 11:27 AM (6,409 Views)

It’s August and that means it’s time for VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas! This is THE destination to find all the sexy things you’ve been peeking at online and just never get the chance to sample in real life. And there’s also Vegas entertainment if that’s your thing instead… Ahhh, Las Vegas in August. It’s likely to be on the high side of 100 degrees which, for our global travelers, converts to “don’t leave the building” degrees. ON SECOND THOUGHT, visit BROCADE at booth #935.




What’s on your mind?


  • Connecting users whether in an office or hotel?
  • Automating connections for user and machine applications?
  • Maintaining high-performing connections between data you hold and systems that use it?

Throughout history, the world has shrunk through more efficient communication. Once, travelers carried news where the road took them, and now communication goes from one to any and many to one along dynamically created pathways. Today’s shift in how technology enables business is similar in that what we always called “IT” was a rigid infrastructure requiring us to learn and accommodate its boundaries. Now, technology is flexible and extensible so you think what you want and you’re connected. Brocade’s business is connecting. We connect you to the information and people you need. We provide tools for Operations teams using virtualization strategies to build once and connect many times as workloads and workflows grow, connecting you over the air to data stored in your business or in the cloud, serving applications you use on the device of your choice. Join us on the show floor and see better communication, better connection, demonstrated.


Connecting You

Ruckus_Hrz_CMYK_Stndrd_Xtra_Small.jpgThat world of communication exists for you to connect. If you’re reading this and you’re not connected to a wire, if you’re sitting in a coffee shop or convention hall, if you’re providing Wi-Fi services to a hospitality customer or a classroom, or if you’re offering mobility services to your customers, then come talk to our friends with the dog. They’re disruptive types, and that’s their best quality.  Welcome to Ruckus Wireless, now part of Brocade.


You’ll be provided a guided tour of Ruckus Cloud Scale with Wi-Fi Management-as-a-service, offering a turnkey solution where you select the APs you need for each site and then access your cloud-based GUI for management of all your WLANs. Sure - you could also choose to manage your APs locally, but why? Leave it in the cloud where performance hurdles are a thing of the past and controls are accessible at any time from any device to manage APs at any of your sites.


This is VMworld and we can’t leave you without some NFV, so how about our Ruckus Virtual SmartZone Data Plane? Deploy the virtual WLAN controller on standard hardware to handle tunneled data from upwards of 10,000 APs and 100,000 clients. Lower cost to deploy as software, sits in a VM and segregates the control and data planes to match the separate roles of managing content vs. access. The line forms here (well, there, at the Brocade booth #935).


Connecting Applications

Infrastructure exists to enable us all to say “Let’s do work!” We work in applications that our IT teams keep running. Data is served, added, analyzed, changed and processed in storage, the network, compute and your applications. All this so we can do work.


Abstracting these workflows with virtualization across the infrastructure requires the right network underneath. You’re a VMware shop, so why do you care about the network? Because you can only be comfortable in the assumption you have a functional, high-performing, flexible network if that is in fact the network you’ve deployed. Shared storage priorities such as the data for mission-critical business apps and scale-out IP storage for unstructured data require certain attributes. Brocade Gen 6 or Gen 5 Fibre Channel and IP storage networks deliver reliability to ensure your connections are always made, and automation through auto-forming & self-healing data paths through the fabric to make the fastest connections for your apps.


tumblr_static_hazardous_experiments_logo_blog.jpgIf you are the IT Ops team, having visibility into the network through tools you already use is a time and step saver. Brocade integrates with the vRealize suite to lift network performance metrics into the interface you’re already using so you can confirm it’s always working as designed, and prove it when someone else’s miss becomes a game of blame. Is a greater need for end user self-service, scaling to more users, or adding automation to give you the flexibility you’ve learned with managing VMs bringing the question of network virtualization to the table? Brocade’s VCS Fabric unifies virtual and physical networks with VCS Gateway for NSX. This provides line-rate Layer-2 bridging, highly-resilient VXLAN architecture, simple VTEP configuration, and additional integration with VMware vRealize Operations Insight (so you have traceability to know which packets went in and where they came out). Blind trust has no place here.



Serving those applications will require a balancing of the load. Experience Brocade’s Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) as an NSX edge no manual configuration.jpgservice providing application auto-scaling for handling traffic during periods of high demand. You’ll be able to adjust to traffic dynamically by using ESXi VM templates to simplify spin-up of new application workload instances when traffic spikes and spin-down existing instances when traffic dies down.


Connecting Data

Modern networks connecting you to your data are under unprecedented demands to be high- performing for flash storage while also delivering scale-out flexibility. Brocade Gen 6 or Gen 5 Fibre Channel and Fabric Vision’s integrated network sensors deliver operational stability and performance by monitoring critical application performance and giving storage admins the information they need to tune storage and network performance. Continuing the value of providing visibility across the network, the Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform provides the actionable intelligence you need to maximize performance across the data center and ensure application delivery SLAs. Finally, if you’re planning a VSAN deployment we’ll show how to plan a Brocade IP Fabric to support VSAN layout for high availability and resiliency with policy-based automation through Brocade Workflow Composer, along with vCenter and vRealize Orchestrator for automatic network provisioning.



Connecting the Future

Flash forward with gen 6.jpgWhile the future of connecting people, data and things will continue accelerating the simplification, automation and performance of infrastructure, the network remains the underpinning that touches every part and makes that performance available. The increased deployment of Flash and SSD in racks upon racks of converged and hyper-converged products has implications on the choice and design of the network between them and being NVMe-ready is a key feature. Since Brocade Fibre Channel is so often deployed to match the performance of Flash, we’ll show you its benefits with NVMe.


Automation and the orchestration of all IT Ops is going to progress at an unimaginable pace. IT staff ingenuity often produces scripting of manual tasks to for efficiency, but let us show you StackStorm and how it will operationalize this automation. DevOps in the IT team has never been this rewarding!


Stay cool, get excited, and let’s connect! Visit the Brocade @ VMworld 2016 site for more information then get hands-on experience with our team on the show floor in booth #935.