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Brocade VDX Switches Achieve Hardware VTEP Integration with VMware NSX

by Jeni Lloyd ‎07-18-2016 01:52 PM - edited ‎03-24-2017 09:44 AM (10,889 Views)

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As organizations extend the reach of virtualization to their most business critical applications, keeping business processes running smoothly through the transition is a critical prerequisite. Network virtualization using VXLAN with VMware NSX paves the way for enterprises to rapidly deploy networking and security for any application without disruption. A resilient network foundation delivered by Brocade VDX switches and Data Center fabrics can help expand that seamless experience into the physical network.


Brocade is transforming networks based on the principles of New IP by delivering cloud-based architectures that deliver new levels of scale, agility, and operational efficiency. These highly automated, software-driven and programmable data center fabrics support a breadth of network virtualization options and scale to environments ranging from tens to tens of thousands of servers.


The recent release of VMware NSX for vSphere version 6.2.3 and the accompanying networking hardware certifications for vendors including Brocade is an exciting new step towards driving agility across IT and delivering increased value from the network to the business. At Brocade, we've been working with VMware throughout the development cycle for this latest release and are delighted to be the first HW VTEP to be listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide.


Customer interest in NSX with Brocade spans industry and company size, with the most common enterprise use cases centered on automation, micro-segmentation, and IT agility. Brocade helps make it easy for customers to architect, automate, and integrate current and future data center technologies and address those three priorities. Customers are able to transition to the cloud on their own terms.


VMware NSX also enables high-scale multitenancy for service providers, with support for millions of isolated tenants, a benefit of VXLAN. Brocade® IP fabric and Brocade VCS® fabric gateways for VMware NSX network virtualization enable seamless agility.


Brocade VDX capabilities most critical to NSX-V environments include;


  • Agility through Performance
    • Line-rate L2 bridging across all ports
    • Multiple active devices in a single logical VTEP for up to 4X throughput
    • Fast encapsulation, decapsulation, and bridging with just one pass through the ASIC
  • Resilience through Network Optimization
    • High port density
    • Multiple L2 gateway entities per logical switch
    • Active-Active Logical VTEP for resiliency and fast convergence
    • Multiple deployment options ensure efficient traffic paths


Our engineering teams had the opportunity to test NSX with customers in advance of the final release, with promising early results. Fast provisioning times and even faster convergence across physical and virtual networks are among the highlights, and we’ll be sharing more on those soon.


For more details on the Brocade VDX integration with VMware NSX in the meantime, check out the Partner Brief, or the VMware page on