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Data Center

Bridging Virtual World to Physical World...

by Nanjunda Somyaji on ‎10-13-2013 10:10 PM - last edited on ‎10-23-2014 04:56 PM by (4,643 Views)



Nowadays, a main topic in the area of data center is Network Virtualization, and VMworld 2013 is no exception.  Enterprise businesses and Service Providers having tasted the benefits of virtualizing server and to some extent storage are looking for leveraging virtualizing network to make their data center operations cost less and resource utilization more efficient.


Challenge is getting to that “Nirvana”. This shift, especially to Network Virtualization need to be more of an evolutionary than revolutionary change. Here is where “Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX” comes into the picture. While Data centers are trying to virtualize their business critical applications in terms of compute, storage and network, some of the application components such as database server and storage remain non-virtualized. Even if they virtualize some of these components, they end up remaining on physical network. This “Evolutionary approach to application virtualization” is one such use case for the “Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX”.



Another use case is application life cycle where there is need to deploy  application in a “Test & Dev  Environment” to “Production Environment”.  Virtualization technologies together with agile methodologies helps to reduce “time to market”  the IT services as business and market requirements change.  But, this also brings deployment issues to IT when application life cycle shifts from “Test & Dev” to Production where some of these application components are using physical resources. As the networking configuration such as IP address and VLAN change and deviates from tested configuration, possibility of application failure is high. This is where one could use “Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX” to keep the tested network configuration, but still deploy application where some of the components are based on physical infrastructure.


Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX combines two great technologies – Brocade VCS and VMware NSX  and provides the following benefits:

  • a high performance option to connect virtual and physical networks
  • agility through orchestrating via NSX for self-service automated network provisioning
  • resiliency that is inherent in Brocade VCS fabric enables a highly available VXLAN gateway


You can find more about bridging Virtual and Physical networks in this very well written blog. You can get more  information about “Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX”  by attending the session “Advanced Network Designs for Data Center Transformation” (#NET6091).by Jon Hudson, Principal Engineer at Brocade.

Enjoy VMworld at Barcelona !!!