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BNS - Your Business Innovation / #AskAlan

by Alan Murphy on ‎10-11-2012 03:36 AM (2,202 Views)

Forecasting network traffic is always unpredictable, especially now thanks to the rise of the cloud and a more 'connected' population.  However, user expectations on the network are now higher than ever. Downtime is met with levels of fear you might associate with the Great Plague. Networks are now host to lots of mission-critical applications, which organisations and consumers depend upon to survive.

One of the biggest problems is matching your hardware purchases to such unpredictable traffic patterns. Under-servicing means angry users and lost productivity. Over-servicing means inefficiency and misspent money. So is it possible to match your spending to your traffic patterns? I’ve got an answer for you - find out what it is in the latest video in my #AskAlan series below.


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