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Announcing the 2.0 Release of Flow Optimizer

by asardell ‎04-24-2017 08:56 AM - edited ‎04-26-2017 04:46 PM (9,411 Views)

Brocade Flow Optimizer (BFO) 2.0 is now available. This is the first release that incorporates Workflow Composer, and it continues the progression of supporting new platforms, as well as new visibility options and match actions.


Key enhancements include new SLX and VDX support, IP blacklisting, and improved VXLAN visibility. At this point, all Brocade data center platforms (MLX, SLX, and VDX) are supported by Flow Optimizer.


What’s New in This Release?


The following table summarizes the new features available today.


Table 1: Summary of New Enhancements





Support for IP blacklisting

Configure an IP blacklist: a list of source IP addresses to be mitigated immediately upon detection. When traces of the affected addresses are found in samples, the flows are dropped. .

Rapid mitigation of unwanted flows.

Supports Extended VXLAN Headers

Brocade Flow Optimizer extends support to receive
extended VXLAN headers from SLX devices. These fields are supported:

  • Extended Layer 2 (L2) Egress Header
  • Extended IPv4 Egress Header
  • Extended VNI Egress Header
  • Extended Decapsulate Egress Header

More flexible isolation of flows to be acted upon.  

sFlow monitoring for additional SLX 9140 and SLX 9240 devices

Support for new hardware

All SLX platforms are now recognized and supported.

Support OpenFlow actions for SLX 9850
and SLX 9540 devices

Brocade Flow Optimizer adds support of OpenFlow
actions for SLX 9850 devices.

Ability to rearrange and optimize flows on SLX 9850.

Migration support enhancements

Flow Optimizer supports migration of data from Flow Optimizer 1.4.0 to Flow Optimizer 2.0.0.

Straightforward upgrade from a previous release.

IPv6 Arbitrary bitmask support

When creating a custom profile or user-defined flow, you can provide an IPv6 address with an arbitrary bitmask in the source and
destination fields of Layer 3  network attributes.

Enhanced flexibility in adding and learning programmed flows.

Workflow Composer integration for large flow mitigation on VDX

Flow Optimizer extends support for the mitigation of traffic on VDX devices  

Can enable/disable flows on VDX.  


Call to Action


Download Flow Optimizer 2.0 today. Use the “FREE Trial” option on the Flow Optimizer product page to access the latest version of software.


Contact your Brocade representative for additional information. For instance, you can ask your Systems Engineering representative to give you a live demo.


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