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Announcing Multi Chassis Trunking on BigIron RX

by masnani on ‎11-10-2011 06:22 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 08:47 PM by bcm1 (1,406 Views)

My name is Manoj Asnani and I am product manager in the data center team here at Brocade,primarily focused on the Brocade BigIron RX platforms. Today I’ll talk a bit about Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT), which is a very useful feature for improving resilience in data center networks.


MCT is an enhancement over the link aggregation standard and helps circumvent some of the biggest challenges with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). It allows two chassis to appear as one to the devices connected to it. The devices can be any Layer 2 switch or server. Therefore, no links are blocked.


We first introduced Multi Chassis Trunking (MCT) on the MLX Series platform in September 2010.

•       With MCT, all nodes are active and forwarding Layer 2/3 traffic

•       MCT delivers high resiliency – sub-second link or node failover

•       MCT simplifies network design and delivers full use of the network



And now we are adding MCT to BigIron RX Series that will be available in Q2 CY 2012. You can cluster two RX-16 chassis and gain > 3 Tbps switching capacity. You will be able to upgrade without additional licensing or hardware upgrade and reap the benefits of MCT.


The benefits of MCT are tremendous:

•       You get investment protection: With only software upgrade, you do not need to rip and replace your network and can continue using your existing RX gear

•       Benefit from non-stop networking: In addition to redundant hardware and resilient software features including hitless upgrade, hitless failover and non-stop routing, MCT will enable sub-second link or node failover for continuous operation of your network

•       Improve your operational efficiency: Enable your data centers to support more network traffic with the sameinfrastructure and staff resources


Now you can get all the benefits of MCT on data center chassis platforms (MLX and RX) your access, aggregation and core deployments…..