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A step closer to bringing OpenStack based private clouds to enterprise..

by riteshp on ‎01-31-2013 04:55 PM (2,910 Views)

Last year, Rackspace embarked on an ambitious goal to make it easier for enterprises to deploy and manage private clouds by launching the Rackspace Private Cloud, powered by OpenStack® along with a partner certification program. Earlier this week it came through on that promise by announcing the first round of reference architectures along with a list of certified partners. Brocade VDX is one of the few networking platforms that successfully achieved Rackspace Private Cloud Certification. Over the last few months, Brocade VDX platforms have gone through extensive testing for building private clouds based on Rackspace Private Cloud Software. Rackspace Private Cloud Software, built on OpenStack, is the same cloud platform that is used to build Rackspace Public Cloud.

Rackspace Private Cloud certification is an extremely exciting opportunity for Brocade:

  • This offering is a first of its kind, delivering true enterprise-ready private clouds, complete with management, orchestration and support offered by a major public cloud vendor.
  • This certification lets us leverage investments in OpenStack by partnering with an industry leader, Rackspace to deliver customer-centric solutions that can be deployed immediately.
  • It further strengthens our already solid relationship with Rackspace.

What’s also exciting is the implications of this offering for OpenStack. Over the last year or so, there has been significant debate on whether OpenStack is ready for the enterprise. And while there is no disagreement that OpenStack is still in its early days, it continues to make steady progress in adding key capabilities on an extremely robust foundation. In my opinion, Rackspace Private Cloud will boost the adoption of OpenStack for private clouds by reducing the risk for customers as well as by giving them choice and flexibility. Customers now have the option to deploy private clouds, not only in Rackspace’s data center but also in their own data centers. The open reference architectures, along with the free software provided by Rackspace, give customers the flexibility to test drive OpenStack before actually committing to it. With the availability of the Rackspace Private Cloud Certification Toolkit, it is easier than ever for customers to ensure their private cloud deployments are installed and configured correctly, a key issue when deploying multi-vendor clouds. Customers also have the option to leverage Rackspace’s expertise to build scalable and reliable private clouds. Solutions powered by resilient Brocade VDX platform with VCS Fabric technology, proven NetApp or EMC storage and hardened OpenStack software will deliver the scale, performance, flexibility and reliability customers expect from enterprise-ready private clouds.

       Rackspace Private Cloud Certification Toolkit

Brocade VDX certification is really just the beginning. As Rackspace adds new reference architectures to address additional application workloads and deployment scenarios, we plan to certify additional Brocade products, such as ADX, to provide complete, end-to-end networking solutions.

Finally, kudos to the Rackspace team for taking the lead on launching this initiative and working with ecosystem partners to drive the adoption of OpenStack within enterprises.

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